Saving Lives: Modern Diagnostic Techniques

  • Recent trends in detection of microbial toxins
  • Contributions of imaging techniques
  • Methods for antibacterial susceptibility testing
  • Biomarker tools in microbial diagnosis
  • Nanotechnology in microbial and viral detection
  • Advances in qPCR and dPCR
  • Bioanalytical Sensors
  • Centrifugal Microfluidics
  • Developments in label free detection
  • Market orientated device development
  • Clinical Applications of Mass Spectrometry
  • Laboratory diagnosis of human parasitic infections
  • Biodetection and biosensors
  • Basic research on microarraying
  • Carbohydrate arrays
  • Clinical utility of gene expression signatures
  • DNA microarrays vs next-generation sequencing
  • In-situ production of protein arrays
  • Microarray analysis for preimplantation diagnostics
  • Novel technology developments & new directions
  • Pre- & post-natal chromosomal microarray analysis
  • Protein arrays in clinical practice
  • RNA analysis
  • Circulating biomarkers

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