Science of poultry

Poultry is involved in basic biological research on genetics , biochemistry and diseases. Poultry is a major source of various food commodity eaten around the globe in high quantity such as chicken, turkey, eggs, or other poultry products. With the popularity of these food, careers in poultry and associated industries abound. Poultry Sciences study not only pre-veterinary medicine, but they also work  to improve the quality of the animals whose products we eat, such as those of cows, chickens, and pigs.

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Poultry scientists work to improve poultry production and food safety. Poultry science is a specialization of animal science concerned with finding improved and more effective ways of raising poultry that produce flavorful and healthy eggs and meat. Poultry scientists may also seek to increase poultry production and profit while maintaining quality.
  • Bacterial census of poultry intestinal microbiome
  • Enhanced immune responses of chickens to oral vaccination
  • Recent advancement
  • Poultry nutrition & Disease management
  • Poultry nutrition & Disease management
  • Animal waste management
  • Poultry waste management

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