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One in seven people in the world are “food insecure”, meaning these individuals do not know where their next meal is coming from. As the world population increases to nine billion by 2050, it will require a 70% increase in local food production to feed everyone.It is thus important to  big league companies to collaborate with farmers and communities to improve local food production and food security Food Security is a complex issue that encompasses more than just food production although this is no doubt the cornerstone. Thus the social and economic sciences must provide an interdisciplinary basis along with the natural (biology, chemistry, maths, physics) sciences..Regional differences need to be taken into consideration – weather changes, elevation differences, length of day and soil difference all need to be considered to arrive at the best solution for that area. Efforts such as determining which type of seeds to plant and improving agricultural practices based on the local environment can help to make a positive impact on yield levels.High yield hybrid seeds can help farmers improve their productivity. 

There is an intrinsic link between the challenge we face to ensure food security through the twenty-first century and other global issues, most notably climate change, population growth and the need to sustainably manage the world's rapidly growing demand for energy and water. Our progress in reducing global poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals will be determined to a great extent by how coherently these long-term challenges are tackled. A key question is whether we can feed a future nine billion people equitably, healthily and sustainably.

Science and technology can make a major contribution, by providing practical solutions. Securing this contribution requires that high priority be attached both to research and to facilitating the real world deployment of existing and emergent technologies. 

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