Semiconductor physics

Track 6: semiconductor physics:

Semiconductors are defined by their unique energy bands and electrical conduction somewhere between that of a metal and an insulator. High conductivity in a material comes from it having many partially filled states and much state delocalization. Metals are good electrical conductors and have many partially filled states with energies near their Fermi level. Adding impurities to the semiconductor are doping materials .The amount of doped semiconductor varies its level of conductivity. Usually intrinsic semiconductors are doped semiconductors. Photonic Crystals are structures with periodicity on the order of the wavelength of light, which allow control of the flow of light, its storage and switching.

  • Electron and nuclear spin effects in nano-structured semiconductor materials
  • Green photonics using photonic crystals
  • Carrier concentrations at thermal equilibrium
  • Quantum Dot Refrigeration
  • Fundamentals of Low Dimensional Systems
  • Exciton-polaritons in semiconductor nanostructures

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