Sensing Technology

The application of sensing technology in different areas of food packaging is an emerging field that was growing continuously from last several years. The advancement in food safety results in the development of intelligent packaging (IP). By these containers, it is possible to monitor and provide information of the condition of food, packaging, or the environment.  Food and beverage manufacturers are using smart packaging for their finished goods and products. Sensor technology is in closed linked with intelligent packaging of food and beverages. For example, smart sensors aid significantly in the control and monitoring of various aspects, such as oxygen moisture, and temperature. Sensors are not always electronic in nature: in the case of food packaging, it could also be in the form of an indicator.

The smart sensing technology in Food and beverage packaging has major potential for growth by ensuring food security and safety through sensor-equipped packaging. Not only does the sensor allow a massive degree of control on how foods and beverages are maintained, but sensors embedded in these packaging methods also enable the easy tracking of the product throughout the supply chain. This accomplishes a controlled, efficient, and well-monitored food supply chain, where the exact proportion of damage of a food product can be monitored. The use of RFID technology in the material would keep a track on the movement of food supplies in logistics. There is still a research going on to develop a sensor that detects the expiry and deterioration of food products, and alerts the suppliers before it can cause severe implications.

  • Sensing technologies for microbial detection and safety
  • Integrated microsystem for intelligent food packaging

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