Separation techniques in chemical engineering

Chemical processes consist of separation stages in which the process streams are separated and purified. Heterogeneous mixtures consist of two or more phases which have different composition. These mixtures consist of components that do not react chemically and have clearly visible boundaries of separation between the different phases. Components of such mixture can be separated using one or more appropriate techniques. These separation processes includes gas-liquid (vapor-liquid) separation, gas-solid separation (vapor-solid), liquid-liquid separation (immiscible), liquid-solid, and solid-solid separation etc. This separation can be done by exploiting the differences in density between the phases. Gravitational force or centrifugal force can be used to enhance the separation.


  • Gas-Liquid separator
  • Liquid-Liquid separator
  • Gravity separator
  • Centrifugal separator
  • High speed tubular centrifuge
  • Electrostatic precipitator

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