Side Effects of Nuclear Medicine

The dose of x-rays or radioactive materials used in nuclear medicine imaging can vary widely. Dose depends on the type of procedure and body part being examined. In general, the dose of radiopharmaceutical given is small and people are exposed to low levels of radiation during the test. The potential health risks from radiation exposure are low compared with the potential benefits. There are no known long-term adverse effects from such low-dose exposure. Some potential side effects that might occur include: Bleeding, soreness or swelling may develop at the injection site and allergic reactions to the radiopharmaceutical may occur, but are extremely rare. This session will discuss about the Radiation Therapy Side effects, Effects on reproduction, Effects on pituitary system, Radiation therapy accidents, acute side effects, Cumulative side effects and Late side effects of radiation therapy.

  • Side Effects of Radiation Therapy
  • Effects on Reproduction
  • Effects on Pituitary System
  • Radiation Therapy Accidents
  • Acute Side Effects
  • Cumulative Side Effects
  • Late Side Effects

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