Small Vessel Ischemic Diseases

Small vessel ishemic disease is also called white matter disease and refers to a finding on an MRI or a CAT scan. Small vessel ischemic disease is actually a byproduct of other diseases and the impact that those diseases have on the brain's white matter. Unlike a disease of the brain itself, it is what happens to the brain during the progression of certain chronic conditions including diabetes and high blood pressure. As people age, some small vessel ischemic disease is expected to appear on an MRI or CT scan, but when seen in larger amounts it is an indicator that other medical conditions are present, including multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's or Wilson's Disease. People with a history of migraine headaches, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are also more likely to present with small vessel ischemic disease in their test results. Regardless of the cause of small vessel ischemic disease, people who have it are at a higher risk for stroke; therefore, they are encouraged to take preventative measures before a crisis occurs.

Small vessel ischemic disease is also called white matter disease or periventricular white matter change, these changes are seen in patients who have/have had hypertension, stroke, migraine headaches, or other medical conditions. In my terms, chronic small vessel ischemic diseases had severe cerebral arteriosclerosis that contributed to 3 strokes.  Two of which was in the brain stem and one on the right side of my cerebellum at a later date.

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