Smart Materials / Nano Materials

Smart materials are defined as materials with properties engineered to modify in a skillful method under the impact of external stimuli. These exterior impacts can contain temperature, force, moisture, electric chargemagnetic fields and ph. Nanotechnology is rapidly entering the world of smart materials and taking them to the next level. Piezoelectric materials either yield voltage when stressed or change shape under the impact of an electric charge. Thermo responsive materials are also known as shape memory alloys or shape memory polymers. These materials alter their shape under the influence of the ambient temperature. In the field of medical the use of smart materials that respond to injuries by delivering drugs and antibiotics or by hardening to produce a cast on a broken limb. Energy generation and conservation with highly efficient batteries and energy generating materials.

  • Carbon Nanomaterial Technology
  • Piezoelectric Materials
  • Thermo responsive Materials
  • Polychromic, Chromogenic or Halo chromic Materials
  • Applications of Smart Nanomaterials

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