Smart Structures

Smart Structures offer the ability to match the conditions for more than one optimum state thereby extending functionality. Smart Structures are capable of sensing stimuli, responding to it, and reverting to its original state after the stimuli is removed. Smart structures can resist natural calamities. Many well-defined structures such as metals, ceramics or polymers cannot satisfy all technological demands. Therefore, there is a constant search for new materials having new, and especially improved properties. Such properties are observed in, composite materials which are defined as materials composed of at least two phases.

  • Structural Engineering and Ceramics
  • Critical Component Technologies of Smart Structures
  • Advanced Smart Materials Structures
  • Smart Materials Structure Applications
  • Properties of Smart Materials Structures
  • Bridges,Towers,Dams,Tunnels
  • Glass and Rubber Technologies
  • Composite Materials
  • Fibers and Polymers
  • Metals and Alloys

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