Soil and Ecosystem Services

An ecosystem service is a assistance to society derived from a healthy ecosystem property or process. Robust soil quality leads to more water available for plant roots and cleaner water in streams and lakes. Enhanced soil biological activity turns organic wastes into valuable nutrients and degrades toxic elements. Carbon stored in soil regulates the climate by mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Plant and animal biodiversity are dependent upon soil biodiversity. Ecosystem services are a way of putting a value on biodiversity by looking at what it does and how we value the function that the soil performs. These produce a range of services which are   essential to our health. To provide a framework of how ecosystems provide for human lives the term 'Ecosystem Approach' and 'Ecosystem Services' are being used. The 'Ecosystem Approach' is to assist decision makers to take full account of ecological systems and their associated biodiversity. 'Ecosystem Services' describe which the process and functions, provided by the natural world.Over the last few years, considerable attention has been devoted in the scientific literature and in the media to the concept of “ecosystem” services of soils. The monetary valuation of these services, demanded by many governments and international agencies, is often depicted as a necessary condition for the preservation of the natural capital that soils represent. This focus on soil services is framed in the context of a general interest in ecosystem services that already started in 1997, and took off in earnest after 2005.

  • Soil in natural ecosystem
  • Mapping ecosystem services for policy support and decision making
  • Impacts of biodiversity loss on ocean ecosystem services
  • Ecosystem services in urban areas
  • Drained residual strength of cohesive soils

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