Soil and Ground Water Remediation

Agriculture is the development of creatures, plants and organisms for nourishment, fiber, biofuel, therapeutic plants and different items used to maintain and upgrade human life. Agriculture was the key advancement in the ascent of inactive human progress, whereby cultivating of trained species made sustenance surpluses that supported the improvement of human advancement. The investigation of horticulture is known as farming science. The historical backdrop of farming goes back a huge number of years, and its improvement has been driven and characterized by significantly distinctive atmospheres, societies, and advances. Mechanical agribusiness in view of extensive scale monoculture cultivating has turned into the overwhelming rural system.

  • Nano food
  • Nano technology and safety assessment in food industry
  • Microencapsulation in food
  • Pest control and Nano technology
  • Nano sensors a primitive check point for food production
  • Nano inside - Delivery systems
  • External Treatment Processes
  • Environmental impact
  • Soil Vapor Extraction
  • Hazardous Waste Treatment Technologies
  • Remediation Costs

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