Special Techniques in Chromatography

There has been growing interest around the globe in various change separation techniques, in key areas of physical sorption, distillation, membranes, absorption and heat exchange. These special technologies in chromatography include Reversed-phase chromatography, Normal-phase chromatography, Two-dimensional chromatography and pyrolysis chromatography. In normal-phase chromatography, the stationary phase is exactly opposite to the mobile phase which is nonpolar. Reversed-phase chromatography (RPC) is another liquid chromatography method where the mobile phase is significantly more polar than the stationary phase. Chiral chromatography which definitely means the identification of stereoisomers. Pyrolysis gas chromatography mass spectrometry is another type of chemical analysis in which the sample is heated to decomposition to produce smaller molecules which are analyzed by gas chromatography and detected using mass spectrometry.

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In this special types of chromatography enantiomers have no chemical or physical differences apart from being three-dimensional mirror images. Traditional chromatography or other separation processes are incapable of separating these.Several applications of chiral chromatography include (i) study of fate and effects of chiral pharmaceuticals in the environment and during wastewater treatment, (ii) estimation of community-wide drugs use via newly emerging field of sewage epidemiology and (iii) usage of chiral drugs as chemical markers of water contamination with sewage.

  • Normal-phase chromatography
  • Reversed-phase chromatography
  • Two-dimensional chromatography
  • Chiral chromatography
  • Pyrolysis chromatography

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