Spine Tumors

spinal tumor refers to abnormal cell growth in or surrounding the spinal cord. Any type of tumor could occur in the spine, (Lymphoma, Leukaemia and Myeloma). A few spinal tumors may arise in the nerves of the spinal cord itself. Mostly these are ependymomas and other gliomas. Tumors that commence in spinal tissue are called primary spinal tumors. Tumors which spread to spine from some other area (metastasize) are called secondaryspinal tumors. Tumors may also spread to spine from the breast, prostate, lung, and other regions. The cause of primary spinal tumors is yet unknown. Some primary spinal tumors occur as a result of certain inherited gene mutations.

  • Intradural Spinal neoplasm
  • Spinal meningiomas
  • Vertebral metastasis
  • Spine tumor management

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