Sports Psychology and Skills Acquisition

Track 7: Sports Psychology and Skills Acquisition

The use of psychological strategies and psychotherapy to improve sports performance has increased significantly over the past few decades. Coaches have realized that, particularly at elite level psychology plays a key role in determining the level of performance. The ability of the mind to generate thought patterns, influence emotions, stimulates or diminishes arousal and creates images of a desired action. Behavioral biomechanical and neural bases of development it aims to understand how human movement patterns are changed in characteristic ways when different emotions are expressed in healthy individuals and in individuals with mood disorders. Athletes need to be able to prepare for major competitions, reduce tension and stress that may have cause a decline in performance, and maintain high-level performances over a long period of time. Motivation is what drives behavior and is very important for athlete's to reach an optimal level of performance. Biomechanics to enhance sports performances Biomechanics is a tool to understand human movement that can be applied to enhance athletic performance and prevent injury. Performance of a skill can be broken down into multiple layers of components, ranging from muscle strength to joint trajectories. Tools to measure human movement include video, accelerometry, medical imaging, and 3-D motion capture. Optimal movement is affected by body size and shape. Elite athletes move optimally and this knowledge can be used to coach and train others.


  • Psychological treatments in sports
  • Advanced and innovative learning methods
  • Elective courses to meet specific player needs
  • Biomechanics to enhance sports performances
  • Behavioral biomechanical and neural bases of development
  • Players counseling methods
  • Skills development methods

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