Stature of Influenza Vaccine

The most effective way to prevent the infection of influenza virus is vaccination. Planning the supply of vaccines for healthcare is very important along with the development and production of the vaccine. WHO has been collaborating with scientists on global level for developing, manufacturing and testing and also distributing the influenza vaccine for efficient use for more than 50 years.



Numbers of seasonal influenza vaccines are available among which many are certified by WHO. Development of vaccines against influenza A which has a pandemic property along with seasonal influenza vaccines that provide long term immune responses are of priority for WHO. Influenza viral strains change continuously therefore vaccine strains are also changed to match the currently available vaccine strain.


  • Existing Influenza Vaccination Schemes
  • A Universal Influenza Vaccine
  • New Approaches in Vaccination
  • Evaluation of Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness
  • Antimicrobial effect on humans and animals

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