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To formulate medical decisions, healthcare experts require that all essential information is both are accurate and easily accessible. Collaborative Digital Anatomic Pathology discus about the use of information technology that supports the formation and distribution or exchange of information, including metadata and images, throughout the complex workflow monitored in an Anatomic Pathology department from specimen reception to report transmission and exploitation. Collaborative Digital Anatomic Pathology is supported by standardization efforts towards interoperability and knowledge representation for shareable and computable clinical information. Digital Pathology expands the limits of microscopy, enabling students, educators, researchers, and clinicians to contribute tissue samples. Images transmitted or shared over the Internet or through specific analysis software open the path to a modern and exciting microscopy tool. Digital Pathology excludes some of the issues associated with sharing slides such as the degeneration of samples and inability to share samples of live cells.  Benefits include: Diagnostics – a hospital can transmit images anywhere in the world, probably decreasing the time it takes to accordingly diagnose and treat a pathogen. Education – colleges and universities can approach an enormous database of samples, via on-line or through a web database, saving fund on histological slides; students and professors will also have the capability to study images of live and dead cells Finances – savings can be establish from decreasing or eliminating purchases of glass slides, cover-slips, adhesives and dyes as well as the cost to conserve and send pathology exhibit to colleagues or institutions

  • Benefits and future development of digital pathology
  • Implications on pathology practice
  • Converting to/ integration of the pathology
  • Technology advances in digital pathology
  • Standardization in digital pathology
  • Digital pathology project updates
  • Quality control and improvements
  • Algorithm development
  • Bone pathology

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