Structural Biochemistry

 Structural biochemistry is a branch of the life sciences that combines biology, physics, and chemistry to study living organisms and to summarize some mutual principles that all forms of life share. Biochemists aim to describe in molecular terms the structures, mechanisms, and chemical processes shared by all organisms, providing organizing principles that underlie life in all its diverse forms. Structural Biochemistry is a subdivision of biochemistry mainly focused on the components, structures and functions of molecules within cells that make up the living organisms. Biochemistry attempts to explain the phenomenon of life in chemical terms by using various theories in Chemistry and the laws of Physics. The general theme that underlies the work of the structural biochemistry is macromolecular structural and functional biochemistry in which protein structures and protein interactions within complexes in solution are used as the starting point for further studies on the mechanisms of catalysis, mechanisms of inhibition, regulation, molecular recognition, and structure-based drug design. The Structural biochemistry serves the educational and research needs in the disciplines of biochemistry , structural biochemistry, proteomics, structural genomics, regulation and Metabolic Control of Enzymes and the implementation of all the above in Analytical Biochemistry, Enzymology, Clinical Biochemistry, Food biochemistry, Chemical Biology, structure-driven drug design and Biophysics as applied to Biochemical Sciences

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  • Advances in protein chemistry
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  • Protein crystallography
  • Techniques in protein chemistry
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  • Protein engineering

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