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The focus of the proteomics section is for the development and application of new tools for the identification and quantification of ensemble of proteins. Researches include shotgun organellar proteomics of Tetrahymena thermophila and the investigation of myogenesis-related proteins and their posttranslational modifications. In the current post-genomic era of large scale ‘omic analyses, Proteomics occupies a central position due to the vast diversity of functional and structural roles for proteins. To understand both normal and dysfunctional physiological states necessitates a quantitative understanding of protein alterations, both across the proteome as well as to individual proteins. Indeed, in addition to the breadth of functional and regulatory capacity introduced by splice variants and isoforms, the quantity, location, and functional states of proteins are continuously fine-tuned by myriad potential post-translational modifications (PTM). Understanding variations in both quantity and protein species or proteoforms, is thus central to understanding much of biology. Accordingly, we use the terms proteoform and protein species interchangeably here in an effort to avoid any semantic ambiguities

  • Elucidation of mechanisms and the effects of interactions between biomolecules.

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