Surgical Choices for Breast Cancer

The most common treatment for breast cancer is Surgery; with the removal of as much of the tumors as possible is the main purpose. Different types of surgeries are available. Some type of surgery is a part treatment for most women with breast cancer. Two main types of surgery to remove breast cancer are Breast-Conserving Surgery (BCS) and Mastectomy. During the breast-conserving surgery, most of the breast part containing tumor cells are removed and some part of surrounding tissues is also removed. Mastectomy includes the removal of the entire breast; double mastectomy is also done in some cases in which both the breasts are removed. At the early stages of breast cancer, many women choose between breast-conserving surgery and mastectomy. Women undergoing BCS have the advantage of keeping most of her breast but she will also need radiation. Women opting for mastectomy at earlier stages are less likely to for radiation. Because of the type of breast cancer mastectomy may be the better option for some women.

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