Surgical management of vitiligo

Surgical procedures aim to replace the melanocytes with ones from a normally pigmented autologous donor site. Several melanocyte transplantation techniques can be performed under local anaesthesia in an outpatient facility.  Transplantation for extensive areas may require general anaesthesia. All methods require strict sterile conditions. Punch grafting (tissue graft) is the easiest and least expensive method, but it is not suitable for large lesions and seldom produces even depigmentation. Epidermal blister grafting gives excellent cosmetic results, but it is time-consuming, and large areas cannot be treated.

  • stability of vitiligo
  • surgical therapies for vitiligo
  • classifications of surgical therapies
  • outcomes in surgical therapies for vitiligo
  • surgical management of lip vitiligo
  • surgical management of eyelids vitiligo
  • surgical management of acral vitiligo

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