Surgical Systems

Inventions in ophthalmology have expanded greatly in recent times, and the next major advancement in ophthalmology will be the integration of robotic surgery. Robotic systems have been applied in the ophthalmic surgical environment for more than several years. Since then, robotic surgical systems have proliferated in several manners in other surgeries. Cataract Surgery is the most common surgery procedure present in the ophthalmology field. Most modern cataract surgery is performed using a variation of the extracapsular technique, which involves removal of the crystalline lens through an opening made in the anterior lens capsule (known as a capsulectomy).


  • Micro Incision Cataract Surgery
  • Posterior Vitrectomy & Phaco Emulsification System
  • Laser Ophthalmic Surgical Systems
  • Phacoemulsification Ophthalmic Surgical Systems
  • Photo Refractive Keratectomy Systems

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