Survivorship of Breast cancer

If the breast cancer detection and treatment done at early stage it increase the survival rate. Life after breast cancer treatment gets changed like returning to some familiar things and new choices to make. After the last steps of treatment like radiation or diagnostic procedure is not the end of fighting against breast cancer. Instead person has to take care of lots of things like eating habits and exercise. Person has to eat which will help to prevent the recurrence of breast cancer. It also affects the sex life as well. Person will observe hair growth started again. Physical energy and functioning can also be getting affected after the breast cancer treatment. Level of oestrogen may also get lowered after the treatment which leads to the decrease in bone density. Bone density can be increased as well recurrence of breast cancer can be prevented with the help of exercise. Oncology rehabilitation helps to build strength as well as to overcome the physical defects. During oncology rehabilitation physical functioning as well as sense of well-being can be improved.


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