Sustainable Development

The idea of Sustainable Development has been and still is liable to analysis, including the subject of what is to be supported in practical improvement. It has been contended that there is no such thing as a reasonable utilization of a non-inexhaustible asset. Since any positive rate of misuse will, in the end, lead to the weariness of earth's limited stock. This viewpoint renders the Industrial Revolution all in all unsustainable. It has additionally been contended that the significance of the idea has shrewdly been extended from 'protection the executives' to 'financial advancement', and that the Brundtland Report advanced only business as a typical system for world improvement.

  • Sustainable Renewable energy and environment
  • Green manufacturing
  • Agricultural sustainability
  • Waste management
  • Energy Security and Clean Use
  • Green infrastructures
  • Sustainability in process industries

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