Symptoms of STDs

Most STDs don't show symptoms or, on the off chance that they do, result in dubious or conventional influenza like indications that could be the consequence of a wide range of conditions. It very well may be hard to decide the reason for manifestations because of a STD without getting tested. Women are almost certain than men to endure symptoms like itching, burning urination, bumps because of an explicitly transmitted sickness/contamination, particularly in the genital region. Without those first perceptible indications of a STD, contaminations frequently go unnoticed and untreated, which can cause durable or even irreversible impacts whenever left untreated.


  • Pain or discomfort during sex or urination
  • Sores, bumps or rashes on or around the vagina, anus, buttocks, thighs or mouth
  • Unusual discharge or bleeding from the vagina
  • Itchiness in or around vagina
  • PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)
  • Anti-Retroviral Therapy & Drugs
  • Genital Microbiome and HIV Transmission
  • Treatments, Prevention and Management

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