Systems Biology and Computational Biology

Increasingly complex biological problems and extremely large biological data sets have necessitated new approaches to answer many of today’s current research challenges and tackle emerging questions in biology not amenable to traditional approaches.  As one of the fields in the “New Biologies”, Computational and Systems Biology (CSB) encompasses an interdisciplinary approach that harnesses the power of computation and systems-level analyses to formulate and solve critical biological problems.  These research programs within CSB also synergize and collaborate with the extensive basic and clinical research programs at the University of Pittsburgh and across the globe.  Concomitant with our research foci, CSB is also a leader in educating and training all levels of emerging and nascent scientists, who will continue this work and identify and tackle new biological problems of the next generation.

The Major is designed primarily for highly motivated students interested in interdisciplinary activities in life sciences, behavioral sciences, and the computational, control, communication and information branches of engineering and computer sciences. Primary emphasis is on integrative computational and systems biology studies. Students have several options for in-depth studies: a coherent integration of courses selected from one of five designated concentrations in Systems Biology, Bioinformatics, Neurosystems, Biomedical Systems or Computers & Biosystems; or from the broader concentration areas of life sciences, behavioral sciences, engineering and applied mathematical sciences, from these areas.


  • Computer Science
  • Cellulose Noise
  • Biochemical Network
  • Control Theory
  • Complexity
  • Bioenergetics
  • Computer Modelling
  • Biotricks

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