Systems Toxicology

Systems toxicology is the integration of classical toxicology with quantitative analysis of large networks of molecular and functional changes occurring across multiple levels of biological organization. The systems toxicology includes the enabling technology, molecular measurement, apical measurement and computational measurements. The final end of the research results in the safe drugs, environment protection, safe foods, and green chemistry.

Systems toxicology is the branch of toxicology which deals with the integrated functions of both toxicology and different human systems. Assessing the potential risk which a substance posses to the human health or the environment and accessing the necessary steps and measures to prevent the future toxicity to the individual. Systems toxicology is a wide branch which connects the number of the branches together to find the quality tox connections.


  • Hepatotoxicology
  • Nephrotoxicology
  • Neurotoxicology
  • Endocrine Toxicity
  • Respiratory Toxicology

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