Top-Down Proteomics

The Top-Down Proteomics is a major subject which explains about all the computational aspects of protein identification such as Characterization, quantitation, and sample comparisons. Bioinformatics has  contributed in the field of systems biological approach by utilising the information extracted from such studies to assign function to the proteins and to give the biological interactions in between them. In the field of  Molecular Modelling & Drug Discovery the ultimate challenge of drug design is to predict and explain effects of new drug molecules .Research in proteomics is the next logical step after genomics in understanding life processes at the molecular level. In the largest sense proteomics encompasses knowledge of the structure, function and expression of all proteins in the biochemical or biological contexts of all organisms. Whereas on the other side, Peptide Mass Fingerprinting (PMF) is also used in proteomics, this is a technique for protein identification from unknown peptides. The term Structural and Functional Proteomics is a process of 3-D High-Throughput characterization of the biological molecules and the biological function of unknown proteins and the definition of cellular mechanisms at the molecular level. And Currently, researchers investigate about the structural proteomics, graphical theoretic algorithms such as Peptide De Novo Sequencing,  Markov chain Monte Carlo and HMMs.

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Proteomics is defined as the protein complement of the genome and involves the complete analysis of all the proteins in a given sample. Several technologies are involved, and numerous questions concerning the proteins are addressed. What proteins are contained in a biological sample? At what concentration do the proteins exist, how do protein expressions levels alter in different samples? What are the posttranslational modifications (PTMs) where in the cell or an organism are the proteins localised and how do the proteins interact with other proteins or molecules.

  • Molecular Modelling & Drug Discovery
  • Biochemistry and Proteomics
  • Chemical Proteomics
  • Peptide Mass Fingerprinting
  • Structural and Functional Proteomics

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