Toxicity Testing Methods

Toxicity testing or safety assessment is carried out to check the level to which a substance can cause damage to organisms. These tests are carried out by researchers by using standard test procedures which can fulfill government regulations. Preclinical development is recommended for much toxic products. In vivo and In vitro tests are carried out to determine safe doses for humans. These testing can be carried out by biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies or contract research organizations.


Toxicological testing methods are useful for the testing of toxicity of the particular drug or the chemical. Toxicological testing methods are also called as the safety assessment studies which are used to test the safety of the drug. It is conducted by researchers using standard test procedures to comply with the governing regulations. Toxicological testing methods are the part of the pre-clinical testing procedures. The important methods include the In-vitro and In-vivo toxicological testing methods.


  • In-vitro Methods
  • In-vivo Methods
  • Immunochemical Techniques
  • Cell and Molecular Techniques

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