Toxicological Studies of Plant Products

A brief detailed study of biological, physical, chemical or any miscellaneous factor, that effects any part of the living organism is known as toxicity. Toxicology is the fundamental science of poisons. Toxicological studies help to decide even if a new drug should be accepted for clinical use or not. Depending on the duration of publicity of animals to drug, toxicological studies may be of three types viz. acute, sub-acute and chronic. Toxicity depends not only on the dose of the material but also on the toxic properties of the material. The relationship between these two factors is important in the assessment of therapeutic dosage in pharmacology and herbalism. It is necessary to investigate the herbs scientifically which have been used in traditional medicine to improve the quality of healthcare.

  • Analytical methods for natural products
  • Therapeutic monitoring of drugs
  • Plant biotechnology and tissue culture
  • Toxicokinetics, animals models and dose groups

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