Tracking and Preventing Zoonotic Disease

Tracking and listing the information gathered from diseases observed in domestic and wild animals with humans suffering from illness is important. We can attain control in preventing and minimizing the impact of infection that can come into contact with such outbreaks if we have proper knowledge about the infection. People with compromised immunity such as people suffering from AIDS or those are chronically ill are at higher risk of such diseases. To decrease the risk of zoonotic diseases strict guidelines must be followed

The success to avoid an infection from animals to humans is depended on cultural habits and knowledge. One of the best methods to prevent infection is to maintain personal hygiene. Food hygiene, personal hygiene, general hygiene, domestic animals and pet hygiene, control of insects etc. are some of the methods of maintaining the hygiene.

  • Vaccines Against Zoonotic Disease
  • Novel Approaches Towards Vaccination
  • Oral Vaccination
  • Parental Vaccination
  • Precaution for healthcare workers
  • Therapeutic strategies
  • Effect of climate on parasite host assemblage
  • Influenza like illness
  • Marbug Virus Paradigm
  • Elements of Surveillance System

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