Traditional,Complementary and Alternative Medicine

The term traditional, complementary and alternative medicine is a most reasonable term to clarify such traditional treatments all around. Traditional medicine is an undefined idea that includes a scope of long-standing and still advancing practices based on diverse beliefs and theories. Health care can broadly be divided into modern medicine and traditional medicine. Many different areas make up the practice of complementary and alternative medicine and this field includes the more mainstream and accepted forms of therapy such as acupuncture, homeopathy, and Oriental practices. Traditional medicine and complementary and alternative medicine have, in the past 10 years, claimed an increasing share of the public’s awareness and the agenda of medical researchers. Public health research must consider social, cultural, political, and economic contexts to maximize the contribution of traditional and alternative medicine to health care systems globally.

  • Homoeopathy and Herbal Medicine
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Holistic Medicine
  • Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Naturopathy
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Unani Medicine
  • Cupping
  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal Medicine

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