Traditional Korean Medicine (TKM)

It doesn't test to find out about the body by experimentation, examination,dismemberment yet rather watches regular physical capacities as they show up so as to break down a sickness or confusion. It additionally never constrains the reason for even the most minor disease to a nearby one, yet inspects the whole body to discover the purpose behind the condition. By amending  the bodily imbalance rather than performing surgery or other offensive procedure, it adopts a natural cure approach. Ongoing investigations of TKM have shown remedial impacts, basic system in charge of its belongings and the association with hereditary varieties.  Exploratory and hereditary investigations about TKM have demonstrated linkage of TKM with pharmacogenomics.

  • Situation and future direction of TKM
  • Clinical characteristics of Korean Medicine
  • Atopic dermatitis in Korean medicine
  • Moxibustin
  • Korean herbal medicine product

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