Treatment for the Venereal Disease

Most STDs can be effectively treated with drugs. However some strains of bacteria and viruses such as HIV have become resistant to some drugs making treatment more difficult. Resistance to drugs is likely to increase because drugs are sometimes misused. People who are treated for a bacterial STD should abstain from their sexual intercourse until the infection has been eliminated from them and their sex partners. Thus, sex partners should be tested and treated simultaneously. Viral STDs specially Herpes, hepatitis B and C and HIV infection usually can be controlled but not yet cure except hepatitis C.

The WHO estimates that >340 million new cases of curable bacterial STIs (chlamydia, 92 million; gonorrhoea, 62 million; syphilis, 12 million; and trichomonas, 174 million) occur every year, >90% of which occur in settings with no or limited access to STI laboratory services. 

  • Treatment for Bacterial STD
  • Treatment for Viral STD
  • Antibiotics or Antiviral drugs used

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