Tropical Diseases in Animals

Many pathogens are able to live outside the animal’s body until conditions occurred are favorable for entering and infecting them by causing Infectious diseases. Pathogens enters the body in various ways like by penetrating the skin or an eye, being eaten with food, or by being breathed into the lungs. After their entry into a host, pathogens actively multiply and produce disease by interfering with the functions of specific organs or tissues of the host. Many organism like bacteria and viruses which causes tropical diseases among the world’s poorest region also infect livestock and other animals. These diseases worsen the impact of NTDs on people but on the other hand provide opportunities for developing new approaches to tackle human diseases. The main diseases concerned among Animal are African trypanosomiasis and Chagas Diseases and their being the cattle including Cows.


  • Swine Feaver & Lumpy Skin Diseases
  • Schamellenberg Viral Diseases
  • Sheep pox & Goat pox
  • Botulism & Meningoencephalities
  • Antinobacilossis & Pearly Diseases

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