Tuberculosis is a communicable disease, caused by an infectious bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It affects lungs and other parts of the body (brain, spine). People around the world are mostly suffering from tuberculosis because it’s an air borne pathogen, so can spread easily is classified into latent and active tuberculosis. In latent tuberculosis, bacteria remain in the body as inactive. In active tuberculosis bacteria in the body replicates leading to severe infectious population around the world has latent tuberculosis also, 10% of chances in latent tuberculosis to active because of various conditions like malnutrition, low immunity and smoking. Active tuberculosis mostly occurs in people with HIV/AIDS and smokers. Around 15to 20% active tuberculosis occurs outside the lungs. Extra pulmonary tuberculosis occurs mainly in person with low immune system and HIV. 8% of population is affected to tuberculosis due to smoking.

  • Latent TB and Active TB
  • Pulmonary TB
  • Extra pulmonary TB
  • Air way obstruction
  • Tuberculosis mortality

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