Types of Surgical Nurses

There are 2 main kinds of surgical nurse within the operation theatre; a scrub nurse and a circulation nurse Scrub Nurse & Circulating Nurse

Scrub nurse inspects the operating theatre before surgery, guaranteeing that it’s clean, sterile and prepared for the patient. She additionally sets up the surgical tools, count all sponges, needles and alternative instruments before and after the operation. Circulating Nurse, instead of taking part directly in the operation, the circulating nurse oversees the procedure and ensures it follows hospital policy and safety tips. She begins by inspecting surgical instrumentation to see everything is in operating order. She conjointly confirms the patient’s identity and verifies that he or his family have completed the required consent forms. She then discusses with the operating surgeon the kind of procedure and any special issues, like allergies or alternative health conditions that might impact the patient’s carehttps://surgicalnursing.conferenceseries.com/europe/abstract-submission.php

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