Unani Medicology

Unani Medicology

Unani medicine is the Perso-Arabic traditional medicine which has been practiced in India, South and Central Asia. The word ‘Yunani’ means "Greek" because the Perso-Arabic system of medicine was purely based on the teachings of the Greek physicians Galen and Hippocrates.

The origin of Unani medicine is still visible based on the 4 humors (systems) which are classified below:

1)      Phlegm (Balgham)

2)      Blood (Dam)

3)      Yellow Bile (Safra)

4)      Black Bile (Sauda)

Unani medicine states that management of any disease completely depends upon the diagnosis of disease. In the diagnosis of any disease, the basic concepts such as signs, symptoms, laboratory features and mizaj (temperament) are significant.

  • Regimental Therapy
  • Mental Activity & Rest
  • The Four Systems: Phlegm, Blood, Yellow Bile & Black Bile.
  • Surgery
  • Pharmecotherapy
  • Siddha Medicine

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