Unconventional Gas and Oil Resources

Unconventional oil is crude petroleum delivered or separated utilizing systems other than the regular (oil well) strategy. Oil ventures and governments over the globe are putting resources into unpredictable oil sources because of the expanding shortage of ordinary oil holds. Ordinary oil is a class that incorporates raw petroleum - and flammable gas and its condensates. Unrefined petroleum creation in 2011 remained at around 70 million barrels for each day. Flighty oil comprises of a more extensive assortment of fluid sources including oil sands, additional substantial oil, gas to fluids and different fluids. As a rule regular oil is less demanding and less expensive to create than unusual oil. Be that as it may, the classes "customary" and "whimsical" don't stay settled, and after some time, as financial and innovative conditions develop, assets up to this point considered flighty can move into the regular classification. 

  • Sources of Unconventional Oils
  • Heavy Crude Oils
  • Oil Sands and Oil Shales
  • Tight Oil
  • Shale gas
  • Coal and Gas Conversion
  • Energy Economics
  • Environmental Issues

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