Urbanization and Food Value Chains

As cities expand, so do the food needs of urban families. The situation of the urban poor is precarious in the present condition of volatile food prices and the financial, fuel and economic crises. The urban poor, often located in the most vulnerable parts of cities and lacking the capacity to adapt to climate-related impacts, will be hit hardest. The challenges associated with supporting the urban poor demand urgent and adequate responses from city and national authorities and international organisations. Urban policies need to incorporate food security considerations and focus more on building cities that are more resilient to crises. Metropolitan, municipal and other local government institutions can play a proactive and coordinating role in enhancing urban food security.Developing local value chains for food and nutrition security is an important task. It focuses efforts on strengthening capacities of local food producers and business to supply more food to domestic and tourist markets to meet demands for a balanced and nutritious diet and to reduce food and feed imports.  

Work is underway towards building a conceptual understanding of the impact of urbanization and global change on the nutritional status of individuals and households in urban areas. As the world's population becomes increasingly urbanized the proportion of persons living in poverty in cities increases. With over half of the worlds population predicted to be living in urban areas by 2020, there is a pressing need to address how cities deal with service provision and city planning for healthy lifestyles. For many countries, the current rate of expansion of urban agglomerations has brought about severe challenges for provision of basic services such as adequate housing, water and sanitation systems as well as provision of health clinics and schools. There are many factors specific to life in urban environments which impact household food and nutrition security.

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