Vaccine Design, Production and Safety

The new era in vaccine designing has changed the old concepts about the discomforts and difficulties of vaccine acceptance to common people. It has increased the safety and efficacy of the vaccines and has made the delivery processes easier. Vaccines are of mainly two types, prophylactic, or therapeutic. The agent of vaccine influences the body's immune system to identify the foreign agent, destroy it, and "remember" it so that the immune system can more easily identify and destroy any of the pathogenic microorganisms in future.


  • Molecular Signatures Immunogenicity
  • Live Vector Vaccines
  • Particle-based Vaccines
  • Conjugate Vaccines
  • Child Vaccination & Immunization
  • Mucosal Immunity to Stealth Pathogens
  • Vaccine Needle
  • Liquid Vaccines
  • Targeting Delivery System

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