Nowadays vaccination is a very important part of public health and family. Vaccination is the essential part in our life for keeping us healthy and keeps us safe. Vaccines prevent the spread of chronic, contagious, deadly and dangerous diseases. It helps us to fight against many chronic and contagious diseases like polio, mumps, HIV, HPV, small pox, cancer, Influenza, etc. The eradication of small pox is exactly achieved by the vaccine discovery. A vaccine contains a disease causing microorganism like viruses and bacteria. Those agents are present in the vaccine when vaccinated stimulate the immune system and it gets recognized and the infection eliminates by body’s immune system. But vaccines remain elusive for the treatment of many important diseases like HIV, Ebola, Malaria, Herpes etc. This Conference brings out the knowledge about the recent research, development and future aspects of Vaccines.

  • Vaccine Monitoring and Storage
  • Vaccine Development
  • Next Generation Vaccines Research
  • Vaccine Ingredients
  • HIV and HPV Vaccines
  • TB and Malaria Vaccines

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