Vaccines & Immunizations

Vaccination is the organization of antigenic material (an antibody) to animate a person's resistant framework to create versatile insusceptibility to a pathogen. Immunizations can forestall or improve irresistible malady. At the point when an adequately expansive level of a populace has been inoculated, group invulnerability comes about. The adequacy of immunization has been generally examined and confirmed. Inoculation is the best strategy for counteracting irresistible illnesses; across the board invulnerability because of immunization are to a great extent in charge of the overall destruction of smallpox and the end of maladies, for example, polio, measles, and lockjaw from a significant part of the world.


  • Age-specific Immune Response to Vaccination
  • Immunology / Animal Models
  • Novel Approaches in Design of Cellular and Molecular-Based Vaccines
  • Plant Based Vaccines & Combination Vaccines
  • Therapeutic Vaccination for Auto Immune Diseases
  • Vaccination in Pregnancy, New-borns and the Elderly populations
  • Vaccines against Vector-borne Diseases
  • Vaccines Related to Human Reproduction and Fertility Control

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