Vascular Nursing

A vascular nurse specializes in treating patients who suffer from a variety of diseases including carotid artery disease, abdominal aneurysms, leaky leg veins and peripheral arterial disease. Patients who suffer from these problems are usually elderly and their symptoms are typically complicated by a number of different chronic problems. This field of nursing is rapidly gaining in popularity and for good reason too. Vascular nurses are needed in a wide array of settings, from hospitals to elderly care homes and private medical treatment facilities.  These professionals may also be employed in diagnostic centers or research fields for help with clinical trials and other research activity. And for those who want to work on their own or who are looking for more flexibility in their working schedules, there is a growing demand for vascular nurses to make house calls to tend to the health of those who are housebound. As a vascular nurse, you can also offer home healthcare services. Home healthcare services are in huge demand as a way to keep patients at home and out of the hospital, which helps reduce their overall healthcare expenses and also helps ease the burden on the healthcare system.

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