Venereal Disease Research Laboratory Test (VDRL)

VDRL test is a blood test for syphilis. A negative VDRL is compatible with a person not having syphilis. A person may have negative VDRL and still have syphilis, since in the early stages of the disease, the VDRL often gives a negative results. This is called a false negative VDRL. The VDRL test is sometimes positive in the absence of syphilis. A false positive VDRL can be encountered in infectious mononucleosis, lupus, the antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, hepatitis A, leprosy, malaria, and occasionally pregnancy.

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  • How the test is performed?
  • How the test will feel?
  • Normal results and abnormal results mean
  • Risks for the test
  • Consideration for the test

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