Veterinary Public health

Animal Health 2018 conference is an international veterinary conference focuses on the recent developments taking place in the field of veterinary public health.

Veterinary public health (VPH) is the part of veterinary science. Its function is to protect and improve the physical, mental and social well-being of humans. It is related to understanding, prevention and control of zoonotic diseases and food safety issues. It is involving not only veterinarians in public and private sectors but also other agriculture and health professionals, communication experts and scientists as well as paraprofessionals.

This is a very important session as all new diseases of about 75% that affected humans over the last 10 years have been transferred by pathogens originating from animals or from animal products. Most of these diseases have the tendency to spread through various means over long distances and to become global epidemics.

This session also focuses on the issues related to the zoonosis control, environmental contamination due to the animal by-products and food processing and food safety.

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