Viral Therapy and Viral Vectors

Viro therapy or viral therapy is a treatment to convert tissues into therapeutic agents by reprogramming viruses using biotechnology technique to treat diseases. Main branches of viro therapy are as follows: anticancer oncolytic viruses,viral vectors for gene therapy and viral immunotherapy. Virosomes  are the drugs or vaccine delivery mechanism comprises of either mono or bilayer vesicle incorporating virus derived proteins which allows the virosomes to fuse with the target cells. They are not able to replicate. 

Viral vectors are tools to deliver genetic matireal into cells used by the molecular biologists.Safety,low toxicity,stability,cell type specificity,identification are the key properties of a viral vector. Viral transformation  is the process of change in the phenotype or indefinite reproduction of cells,growth by the introduction of inhertible matireal.

  • Branches of Viral Therapy
  • Virosomes,Influenza and Non Influenza Virosomes
  • Key Properties of Viral Vector
  • Viral Transformation
  • Types and Cellular Affects of Viral Infection.
  • Medical Applications
  • Types of Viral Vectors
  • Gene Therapy,Immunotherapy,Protozoal Virotherapy

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