Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality is the technology for presentation of complicated information, manipulations and interactions of the person with them by the computer. It is a computer generated interactive three-dimensional environment to simulate reality. It can show 3D and attach sounds and touch information increases extraordinarily data comprehensibility. It has entered the public awareness as medical toy with equipment “Helmet-glove”, which was preferentially determined for wide public.

Augmented Reality is a combination of a real scene viewed by a user and a virtual scene generated by a computer that augments the scene with additional information. It enhances the real life by superimposing virtual images and adds graphics, sounds & smell to the real world, as it exists. The user maintains a sense of presence in the real world, He/she can interact with the real world and is not cut off from the real world. Augmented Reality is most suitable for marketing campaigns, product activations and launches, print advertising and much more. It is also been used on the smartphones.

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