Visual Aids

If you are a patient of cataract, these tips and visual aids may help you manage your vision problems and avoid or delay surgery.Tips for improving vision include using a soft background light in addition to a separate focused source of light over the task performed. Avoiding glare on TV and computer screens, keeping your eyeglasses or contact lens prescription updated.

Vision Problems, Living With Poor Eyesight, Low-vision accommodations in your home, such as using adequate lighting and adjusting carpets and furniture to avoid potential hazards, can make living with low vision easier and safer. For more information, see the topic Preventing Falls in Older Adults.Low-vision aids and adaptive technologies such as video enlargement systems or speech software for computer systems can help people who have impaired vision make the best use of their partial vision. Evidence shows that making certain lifestyle changes, such as not smoking and protecting your eyes from the sunlight may help in slowing down the progress of cataracts.

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