Visual and Ophthalmic Optics

Visual optics is the investigation of how the optics of the eye frames a picture that is then distinguished and deciphered by the retina and the mind. The field has propelled quick amid the most recent decades because of the appearance of wavefront detecting and versatile optics adjustment . The visual optics aggregate at KTH assumes a focal part in building up these strategies for the off-pivot optical blunders of the human eye and for psychophysical assessment of the fringe visual capacity. Aside from essential research, fringe optical mistakes are of enthusiasm for two applications. To start with, the adjustment of fringe blunders can be of awesome significance for individuals with focal visual field misfortune, caused by, e.g., macula degeneration. We have discovered enhancements of up to two lines while furnishing this gathering with the best possible exhibition remedy . Second, there are signs that the picture quality on the fringe retina is one of the elements that control the development of the eye and in this manner the movement of myopia

  • Diffraction limited refractive corrections
  • Emmetropization
  • Wavefront sensing auto-refractors
  • Basic visual optics and physiology
  • Local evaluation of non-imaging scattered light
  • Pupil Size and Dark Adaptation
  • Transmission and Reflectance
  • Surgical Correction of Refractive Error
  • Paraxial Schematic Eye

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